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Halloween Makeup !!!

31 Oct

Halloween is literally my favourite time of the year! I believed when I was little that upon turning 16 I would undoubtedly turn into a witch… in the same way it happened to Sabrina and the like. I was obviously devastated (and probably too old to do so) when I did not gain my ‘magical’ powers so I conceded that dressing up as one once a year was going to have to suffice.

It gets weird being more dressed up that the trick or treaters just to answer the door and watch ‘Hocus Pocus’ with the rents so I forced Mamma Bear to hold a Halloween party for her 50th birthday… we don’t really do things by halves so after decorating the whole of the downstairs of the house with layers of black material, drinking from ghoulish goblets and covering the garden with giants sculls, gravestones and hanging bats we decided to do the party every year so we could reuse it all!!!

One of my favourite outfits of the recent years was the Corpse Bride! I did the makeup before I even started on my makeup course so I don’t think I did too badly of a job!   I still have the costume so it may make an appearance again as I’d love to have another go at the Makeup knowing a little bit more than I did then!

I went experimental at the following party and added a prosthetic forhead ala Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Turned out ok for my first attempt but the lenses & overall effort of the liquid latex and prosthetic application gave me a headache and overall ruined the party for me! Lesson learned!
So this year I wanted something easy! but that still looked good so I decided to concentrate on the Makeup side! I saw this picture whilst searching for inspiration and loved it – It was on Terrance Zdunich T-shirt so not sure who its by (If you know please let me know so I can link to it!) 
In my next post I will explain how I did the Makeup ! Hope you all like it! xx


Foundation – Painting your face 3D

26 Oct

Hello peeps!

Sorry for the time taken over this post I really wanted to do some examples on myself but I haven’t had time!!! I will be doing another post on Halloween makeup and another on all of the new foundations that I have recently bought so keep checking back!


One thing I am loving doing my Fashion and Photographic Makeup course was how to contour the face; this can help with so many peoples  hang ups like “I haven’t got any cheekbones”, “I wish my face looked thinner” and “My nose is wide” and so on!

All these issues can be helped by the way you apply your Makeup! This picture shows where you should be putting light and dark on your face – obviously it is the same for darker skin just always stick to one to two shades lighter and darker to your skin colour.

The photo below shows all the different colours that Kim Kardashians’ Makeup artist uses when applying her foundation – this is probably for a shoot but I doubt she uses a lot less than this day to day!

There are a few tips we can take from this application that we could use day to day!

Basic countouring tips…

1) Under your eyes should be a few shades lighter than the rest of your skin;  This is mainly due to when we are tired or ill we get dark circles under our eyes; (this is of course not the case for many of you – some peoples’ skin are just darker around these areas than others). To improve dark circles using foundation you will need a lighter colour and usually a concealor as it is thicker than foundation to cover the darker areas!

2) If you feel like your cheekbones aren’t pronounced, get at least one if not two shades darker foundation and colour in underneath the actual cheek bone (find it by pressing in a line with your index finger – and only use the darker foundation below that line! Think of it like you are shading something in 3D so where the light hits the face needs to be lighter and where shadows hit the face need to be darker.

3) The nose can be made slimmer by using the darker foundation down the edge of the nose on either side and a lighter if not a highligher line down the top of the nose – See the pics of Serena Williams below!

4) BLEND – Blend the hell out of it – do not leave any stripes or your going to look super weird. A foundation brush is excellent for this, wipe away all of the excess foundation of the brush and use it dry to smooth the lines of colour.

The below pic of Serena Williams just shows how you can change the shape of your face, with a slimmer nose (if you want one!) All with the use of Makeup! 

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