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Peaches and Cream – Liverpool

22 May


I was literally in heaven on Saturday. Surrounded by some of my best friends/ eye lashes / Makeup and glitter ….. and Bucks Fizz ūüėČ

After taking up the current Makeup lesson offer at Peaches and Cream in Liverpool (£25 RRP £45!) I have been dying to go back and take my friends with me!

I couldn’t be more envious of the colourful and creatively designed Salon if I tried, ¬†their whole Marketing and branding is amazing. I did Marketing at Uni so I have always been drawn to their use of the ‘Peaches and Cream’ brand throughout their shop/ website/ makeup and own products – they have their own eyelashes and Pigment¬†eye shadow¬†pots!! ¬†Certainly not just Make up and hair here!!!

I’ll explain a bit more of how my Make up lesson went…

I booked in for a¬†Make up lesson to learn their signature Peaches look, called ‘Whipped Cream’, ¬†which involves browns smokey eyes and peach cheeks and lips.

The artist I had was Kate, who co-founded Peaches and Cream with Nicola, who specialises in hair ups! (You need to have a look at her¬†YouTube¬†videos as¬†they’re¬†a work of art!)

I was so excited to have Kate when I arrived,  I had already watched a video tutorial and read quite a few of her blog posts before and knew I liked the way she did make up on herself, which is always a good start.

As this was a Make up lesson not a total Make over… I was really trying to concentrate to¬†make sure I remembered each step of the process. I needn’t have worried as you get a step-by-step booklet included in the price (amazing) and gives great detail… with photographs!

Kate did one eye whilst I did the other, which I thought was a great idea; creative people tend to learn better from ‘doing’ rather than being shown (on the whole). She explained where to put each bit of Make up and which tool to use where and then I recreated it on the other side.

The bit I was really interested in was how their smokey eyes were so crisp and precise, I often have tried it on myself and can never leave the eye socket free of Make up as I need everything to look soft and blended. Different techniques work for different looks, this one I hadn’t quite mastered at that point!


It was really interesting to see how she started off with very light make up and put the dark on afterwards to accentuate. This obviously made is easier to still blend the edges whilst keeping the eye socket clear of dark eye-shadow!

I also really liked the fact that the eye-shadow was applied first and then the face wiped clean to apply the foundation. I always wondered how they got away with doing such glitter smokes without the client being covered like a disco ball!

I think why I¬†didn’t 100% like¬†my MAC make over (See previous post) ¬†is down to the fact that I felt the Make up was sat on my face rather than being blended into it; like my skin looked very painted. The¬†eye-shadow¬†sat on my eye lids instead of being blended in and the mascara¬†didn’t¬†cover my lashes enough.

I¬†didn’t¬†feel like this at all with the¬†make-up¬†look from my lesson. I really felt that the look was designed around¬†my eye shape and not a standard smokey eye put onto my eye… if that makes¬†sense. Kate worked with my almond eyes to create a lovely brown smokey eye which I¬†couldn’t¬†stop looking at… or taking photos of in case I forgot what it looked like haha


Too many?! oops haha In my defense I was trying to get the right angle!


It is obviously again down to personal preference, but I really liked it and it was a really nice treat to go to their amazing studio in I would¬†definitely¬†recommend a Make up lesson from their for a defined smokey eye ūüôā

Peaches and Cream Website below



I actually loved it so much I booked in with 9 of my friends to get #peached for a joint birthday!


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Make Overs

9 May

I have only really  had my makeup done for a Bridal catwalk show (and hated it) and have had the odd eye-shadow application at Make-up counters but never sat down for a full face treat before.

I thought it would be best to experience two Make overs and therefore treat myself twice (why not!… all in the name of research!)

I chose an over the counter Make over at MAC and a Make up lesson at an independent beauty bar, Peaches and Cream in Liverpool.

In general I would always choose to have a make over using lots of different Make up instead of being restricted to one brand, like you are with an over the counter Make over. I spend a large amount of time researching Make up to see which is considered the best for –¬†durability¬†(will it last all day) best for all skin types (oily/ dry) and for occasion; whether that would be Bridal, day out at the Races or Fancy dress.

I decided to try a ¬†make over at MAC as I¬†absolutely¬†LOVE their¬†eye shadows¬†and¬†Lip gloss; ¬†It was also good¬†research¬†for me and getting a¬†full face¬†MAC -over allowed me to see which products I liked and¬†didn’t¬†like. With booking MAC I¬†didn’t¬†know which artist I would get and whether or not they all have their own styles?!


I had a lovely artist who listened to my outfit choice and took charge of which colours to use;  my dress was electric blue so we decided upon a blue eye-shadow with gold!

It was interesting sitting back and letting someone else take over, I resisted the urge to keep peeking with one eye…


The foundation was NW20 Prolongwear (I¬†will¬†do another post on the difference between NW and NC at MAC)… it felt nice going on and was flawless looking but the ‘look’ was quite a bit thicker than anything I would typically wear. I have heard good things about their face and body foundation that I would quite like in my kit, so will try that next time.

The eye shadow colours used were Painterly (light paint pot cream shadow) ¬†Woodwinked (golden shimmer) , Nehru (grey) and the corners of my eyes were lined with petrol blue pencil. They looked great and complimented each other and they made my eyes look ‘bluer’.

But overall I felt my eyes looked quite small. The application was quite dark and heavy which made my eyes look a little sunken in. Where it was put was fine, I cant quite put my finger on why I just¬†didn’t¬†like it and I think its because it just¬†didn’t¬†look like ‘me’.

To be honest I’m sure if I would have said something the artist could have altered it to suit what I wanted but I¬†didn’t¬†say anything at the time; ¬†I only had an hour slot which had already ran out at the end, I¬†didn’t¬†feel comfortable asking for anything to be changed.


The blusher however, I did have to say something. It was extremely brown for my skin so I asked if a peachy pink could be used which looked a lot better. The artist agreed! – Blush Baby was put on afterwards!

All in all the experience was worth it as you get the Make over included if you spend over £30 on products. I would advise to find out which products you want before hand though. The only things I bought from my Make over were strobe cream and the Lips glass Oyster Girl, which is one of my favourites.  Will write up on all of my new Make-up soon!I think you should always get your Make-up done and leave it to see how it lasts before shelling out for something you might not like in a few hours!

The perfect example of this is that the eye-shadow didn’t last the night….. but I do think that was the application as I use many MAC shadows and they NEVER come off! Its a struggle with¬†make-up¬†remover!

I wouldn’t put people off going to counters to have their Make up done, it really is about personal preference, and really letting your artist know what your likes and dislikes are which I don’t think I conveyed well enough.MAC2MAC3

Read my next Post on my Peaches and Cream Make up lesson ūüôā ….

*All MAC images do not belong to me all rights reserved to the authors

BB Cream…

3 Sep

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you can‚Äôt have missed the new ‚ÄėBB Cream‚Äô phenomenon this summer! Nearly all major Makeup brands and skin care companies have jumped on the band waggon and are producing their own unique versions so I am going to explain the difference behind them all and what a BB cream actually is!

So‚Ķ. the ‚ÄėBB‚Äô actually stands for Blemish Balm, this gives a better indication of what it is really.

It originates from Korea and has been popular in Asia now for the past couple of years; The main aim of a BB Cream is to give a natural glow to your skin without it looking as though you are wearing a lot of makeup…

Why use a BB Cream?!

Nourishes the skin like a moisturiser, continued use should reduce pores/ fine lines and wrinkles and even out skin tone.

Protects the skin from UVA/UVB damage with added SPF coverage (higher the better for the face!)

Act as a Makeup Primer (this also makes the BB Cream last longer than a tinted moisturiser would)

Give the same ‚Äėdewy‚Äô coverage as a foundation or tinted moisturiser but with the added benefits of being a lot better for your skin

…. Sounds too good to be true!

I have tried a couple of BB Creams myself and had a good research to find out some of the best on the market today covering different price ranges.

Pure BB Cream РHome Bargains Р£1.99 (Can you believe!) 

Great for Price – Normal/ clear skin ‚Äď good for anyone wanting a light coverage

Starting with the cheapest and one that I have used just to go to work! It comes in two shades Light and Medium, and is quite a think cream but doesn‚Äôt have amazing coverage ‚Äď I wouldn‚Äôt advise this cream if you had many blemishes but it does the trick for me as I don‚Äôt like the idea of wearing heavy makeup on my skin in the day clogging my pores! Only downside really is that there is no SPF protection but for ¬£1.99 you can‚Äôt go wrong!

It does work well as a primer as well! Apply a thin layer under a foundation for longer lasting coverage.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Boots/ Superdrug Р£9.99

Great for everyday – Sheer Cover for Dull/ Dry skin


I have actually used this BB Cream on a friend of mine on her wedding day, she was looking for a light coverage and does have very clear skin to begin with (I wouldn’t normally advise using a BB Cream for a wedding makeup due to the photographs) and she was very happy with how it lasted throughout the day. It has a good amount of coverage and doesn’t in fine lines like some foundations can do on dry skin. It comes in two shades and contains SPF 15.

¬†Garnier BB Cream ‚Äėdewy‚Äô sheer coverage


No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream ‚Äď Boots – ¬£15.00

Great Choice and Variety ‚Äď ¬†¬†¬†Normal/ Dry ‚Äď Dry/ Very Dry ‚Äď Normal/ Oily

There are three different choices depending on your skin types but only one colour shade! Make sure you colour match to your skin (best to use a tester and blend a bit of the cream along your jaw bone to match your skin tone.. if you see a stripe pale or dark it doesn’t suit your colouring it should blend in!)

It has SPF 15, has a creamy texture but leaves a matte finish on your skin ‚Äď great for anyone anti ‚Äėdewy‚Äô.


Clinique Age Defence BB Cream РDebenhams Р£25.00

Great for Sun Defence – Oily, Mature and sensitive skin

This cream is great for its SPF 30 protection, it also contains physical sun blockers such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (Wouldn’t advise this for wedding makeup/ photo-shoots as the flash reacts badly with these chemicals and bleaches the skin of any colour!) It contains caffeine and seaweed extract which help to control the production of oil on the skin. It’s available in two shades.


Bobbi Brown BB Cream РDebenhams Р£28.00

Best Multi tasker ‚Äď Available in 5 shades! For Normal/ oily skin

Bobbi Brown have only just introduced their BB Cream in the UK, it was released in Japan first then Korea in 2010 and it is definitely is worth the wait. They have produced it in 5 shades, given a SPF 35 protection. This cream contains natural minerals to absorb and control oil and shine on the surface of the skin.



Foundation – Painting your face 3D

26 Oct

Hello peeps!

Sorry for the time taken over this post I really wanted to do some examples on myself but I haven’t had time!!! I will be doing another post on Halloween makeup and another on all of the¬†new foundations that I have recently bought so keep checking back!


One thing I am loving doing my Fashion and Photographic Makeup course was how to contour the face; this can help with so many peoples ¬†hang ups like “I haven’t got any cheekbones”, “I wish my face looked thinner” and “My nose is¬†wide” and so on!

All these issues can be helped by the way you apply your Makeup! This picture shows where you should be putting light and dark on your face – obviously it is the same for darker skin just always stick to one to two shades lighter and darker to your skin colour.

The photo below shows all the different colours that Kim Kardashians’ Makeup artist uses when applying her foundation – this is probably for a shoot but I doubt she uses a lot less than this day to day!

There are a few tips we can take from this application that we could use day to day!

Basic countouring tips…

1) Under your eyes should be a few shades lighter than the rest of your skin; ¬†This is mainly due to when we are tired or ill we get dark circles under our eyes; (this is of course not the case for many¬†of you – some peoples’ skin¬†are just darker around these areas than others). To improve¬†dark circles¬†using foundation you will need a lighter colour and usually a concealor as it is thicker than foundation to cover the darker areas!

2) If you feel like your cheekbones aren’t pronounced, get at least one if not two shades¬†darker¬†foundation and colour in underneath the actual cheek bone (find it by pressing in a line with your index finger –¬†and only use the darker foundation below that line! Think of it like you are shading something in 3D so where the light hits the face needs to be lighter and where shadows hit the face need to be darker.

3) The nose can be made slimmer by using the darker foundation down the edge of the nose on either side and a lighter if not a highligher line down the top of the nose РSee the pics of Serena Williams below!

4) BLEND – Blend the hell out of it – do not leave any stripes or your going to look super weird. A foundation brush is excellent for this, wipe away all of the excess foundation of the brush and use it dry to smooth the lines of colour.

The below pic of Serena Williams just shows how you can change the shape of your face, with a slimmer nose (if you want one!) All with the use of Makeup! 

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