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Couture Collection 2012

1 May

I was kindly asked to do the Makeup for the ‘Couture Collection 2012′ at TheBoutique Salon and Spa in Ellesmere Port. A London based Photographer Andy Espin contacted me through Model Mayhem and showed me an extremely interesting mood board so I was really excited to get involved!

The photoshoot was T/F (time for print) so I always want to make sure I will be getting different types of shots to benefit my portfolio.

Seeing as the shoot was based in my home town I had already heard of the Salon and the owner Richard Phillipart – he is turning into a little celeb in his own right at the moment!
Richard opened his own salon five years ago and has since styled at London and Paris Fashion week, the contestants on Britains next top model and is regularly styling the cast of Hollyoaks and Coronation street at events like the British Soap Awards… so I was nervous.

Thankfully on arrival to the Salon Richard and his team (including Napoleon the dog, Richards’ amazingly cute pug… studded collar and all) were all in high spirits which instantly put me at ease… I was excited to get started!

Richard had done ALOT of preparation for this shoot and had an erray of wigs and hair pieces ready to use for the two models Naomi and Felicity.

I don’t want to give any of Richards’ secrets away but my favourite hair piece was dyed blue and pink and had been manipulated in such a way it didnt even look like hair anymore! VERY clever!

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As it was firstly a hair shoot I was initially worried that I wouldn’t get many beauty shots as the hair pieces covered alot of the models’ faces, but Richard made sure I was getting the shots I could use in my portfolio as well. He even trimmed around one of the hair pieces so I ended up with a great shot!

I ended up having an amazing day with Richard and his team and loved being in such a creative environment. Richard was quite inspiring to watch when he was at work!! There is a great backstage video taken which is worth a watch!!

Video taken of the Photoshoot

Richards’ Salon is contactable through facebook on the below link!

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