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HD Brows… my new obsession!!

11 May

*HD Brows Official advertising poster!

I have an obsession with eyebrows. Just putting it out there.

I LOVE big thick eyebrows and in every possible opportunity I will paint on some massive ones in a photoshoot as I think they are bold, difficult to perfect (from a Makeup artist point of view) and can change the whole look of someones’ face – See one of my previous posts! *Makeup your Eyebrows!*

For an example the below shots are of a Chester based model, Emma Dixon, I have worked with her many times and I LOVE doing her makeup as she has amazing skin and any slight change to her features dramatically changes the look of a shot!

Photographer: Jess Brown Photography

Model: Emma Dixon

I heard about HD brows through Niki Sheridan at Escape Hair and beauty, a stylist I have worked with on a Bridal Photoshoot a couple of months ago. She was advertising a new style of eyebrow shaping and I was intrigued!

So.. I booked in at Escape in Ellesmere Port with Ellie Finlay who is a trained HD brow specialist! You need to be specifically trained by HD Brows to be able to advertise their copyrighted name and use their products.

Before my first appointment I needed to have a patch test, this is best practice with any form of dye including hair dye, but most common with eyelash and eyebrow dyeing.

On arrival Ellie talked me through the 7 step HD Brow process.. You would never imagine so much work would go into an eyebrow shape!

Be warned.. my eyebrows were pretty bad, so I was in the salon for over 45 minutes being tweezed, threaded plucked

and dyed. All in the name of beauty!





I normally colour my eyebrows in with an eyebrow pencil and a bit of brown eyeshadow as they tend to be blonder in places and they are not long enough either side for my liking. I found that the dye and technique used in the HD brows made my eyebrows seem a lot thicker (which I loved!) and gave them an elongated shape. It made such a difference to the shape of my face and also when I was applying makeup in the morning and not having to touch my brows was a treat! I got mine re-done after 5 weeks, the shape also stayed for longer and I didnt need to pluck in between appointments.


Escape Hair and Beauty HD Brows


Makeup* your eyebrows!

9 Sep

 My last post was all about eyebrows, and how important they are in framing your face. Not everyone needs to have statement brows like Jennifer Connolly or Camilla Belle but just see the difference between a happy medium See Gwen Stefani – Nuff said.



Thicker statement eyebrows have been on trend for a while now so it is refreshing to see that the high arch will be back for autumn winter 11 – I know did you ever think there would be an eyebrow trend?

You cannot just follow trends if they do not go with your face shape but you can use makeup to pretend or try it out!

First off, once you have had your eyebrows threaded and it has left you with your perfect brow shape  (See previous post here)  you will need to know a little bit about how to contour your face with Makeup.

When focussing on the eyebrows you need to know that the area underneath the end of the eyebrow needs to be highlighted – When putting on my eyeshadow I start with MAC Vanilla shimmer pot as a base for other makeup – Then when I am finished I will put an extra bit just on that area under the eyebrow so it is uber prominent! I will show a step by step in my next post! x

I have a massive crush on Kim Kardashians’ Makeup face. Its always perfectly applicated (it could possibly look too polished day to day- but I still love it) and this photo shows exactly the right places that should be highlighted and where should be shaded darker. If you think about where your bones are prominent on your face such as you cheekbone and under your eyebrow bone your on the right track!! * hint* This also helps with where you put your bronzer/ blusher I.E. NEVER a pink stripe  on the top of your cheekbones! TOO HIGH! It can be blended up like the below 🙂

Her eyebrow has been shaded with an angled makeup brush to give the perfect shape and long line at the end. Therefore if you want to recreate this look you need to get the right tools!

If you have unruly brows you need an eyebrow brush – Any old mascara wand will do or if you fancy a treat the Dior brush has a lovely shape and handle! After you have tamed your brows you may want to put a lick of clear mascara on top; this is only for quite long eyebrows that never want to stay in your perfect shape!

The Bobbi Brown eyebrow brush has thick bristles so if you put a little brown powder (eye makeup will do as long as its the same if not darker shade than your own brow colour) and work the brush over the eyebrows it will colour them in without staining the skin under your eyebrows – this can happen when people use an eyebrow pencil straight onto their skin! And its not a good look!  If you fancy an even more perfect eyebrow shape put a bit of brown eyeliner/ eyebrow pencil on the back of your hand and blend with a brown eyeshadow – using the angled brush create the shape you want to! Simples!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In my next post I will be showing how to do different eyebrow shapes with Makeup!!

B x

If the eyes are the window to the soul…. eyebrows must be the frame!!

24 Aug

I have a slight obsession with eyebrows.

They frame your entire face so I don’t see why people don’t put enough time into getting them right and keeping them that way! Changing an incorrect Eyebrow shape can make you look thinner, more awake… sultry or even younger! There is no point, in my book, having a full face of makeup with Freida Kahlo eyebrows it just doesn’t work –

Now I do actually have a penchant for extremely thick eyebrows…not omnibrows of course. Just see the below pic of Keira Knightley… I think the thinner eyebrow makes her look younger but there isn’t really anything special about her face anymore? On the left you see a much more unique stricking look. Also her chin looks more pronounced on the photo where her eyebrows have been thinned out!

Perfectly shaped eyebrows

Now it’s not just about which eyebrows you quite like the look of, or what is in fashion– you pretty much have to go with the eyebrow shape that goes with your face shape. You can go slightly thicker and thinner but overall if you change the whole shape you’re going to look weird. Massive eyebrow fail. 

Have a look at these face shapes and once you have determined which you are see if your eyebrows match up! Some people have over tweezed their eyebrows for years, you should read my next post on how to create a perfect Brow with makeup!


I get my eyebrows threaded all the time, I’m a total convert and love it, I’m not going to lie though – it does hurt!!

 Threading originated in the Middle East and has been practiced for centuries! All it involves is a piece of cotton string and a qualified beautician who knows the technique. The string grabs a patch of hair at a time. I much prefer threading as it does not remove a layer of skin like waxing, and gets the hair from the follicle. Waxing can lead to hair breaking so the results are not as silky smooth!

Look out for my new post which I will focus more on how to ‘Makeup’ eyebrows!! Bx

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